starts and ends with NettZero.

With a presence across Australia, our specialties are:

  • NABERS, CBD, and BEEC compliance
  • Carbon Neutrality certifications
  • Environmental, social, and governance policy and reporting

NettZero are Australia’s trusted sustainability experts. Our team of qualified environmental engineers have the experience and capability to help your business make the decisions it needs to manage emissions and improve its sustainability credentials.

NettZero makes sustainability simple.

Navigating corporate sustainability can be tricky.

There are many different programs and methodologies, each with their own set of benefits and shortcomings. NettZero’s experience working with various sustainability standards and regulators for over a decade leaves us in a unique position to tailor solutions for our clients that not only fulfil requirements, but maximise environmental outcomes.

A sustainable business is not just good for the environment, but helps create a strong brand image and a healthy workplace. As we move towards the low-carbon economy and emission reductions are enshrined in legislation, there has never been a better time to decarbonise your business and stay ahead of the pack.

Track & Set

Track emissions and set reduction goals.

Reduce & Monitor

Decarbonise your organisation and measure improvements.

Remove & Avoid

Identify low-carbon alternatives to current practices.

Report & Inspire

Report on improvements and lead your industry towards decarbonisation.

Our values

Decisive action to
achieve net zero results


ensures that we operate with transparency and maintain trustworthiness with our clients and industry.


requires appropriate use of time and resources to ensure we achieve targeted outcomes for our customers.


encourages us to think outside the box and create new solutions.


means we provide equal opportunities for employment and ensure all stakeholders are treated with respect and dignity.

By abiding by these core principles, our company lives out its commitment to sustainability and inspires others to do the same. These values do not only create a better working climate, but also establish a standard of corporate ethics that can be passed down for generations to create a sustainable and equitable future.


Our team

Matt Greening
Principal Director

Matt Greening founded NettZero in 2008 with the vision of building a full service sustainability consultancy with an initial focus on the commercial property sector. Matt is a highly experienced and qualified environmental professional specialising in the assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. He is a NABERS Accredited Assessor and CBD Accredited Assessor & Auditor.

With over 16 years of sustainability experience, Matt has a proven track record helping clients understand the environmental performance of their buildings and working with them to identify and develop solutions to meet their goals.

As principal director, Matt leads a team of professionals providing expert advice and services to clients across the country.

Lisa Williams
Director - Nettzero Buildings

Lisa Williams joined NettZero in 2016 as our Head of Business, bringing with her valuable expertise as a NABERS Accredited Assessor. Lisa's experience with the Property Council of Australia adds even more credibility to her already sterling reputation in the industry.

With her expansive background, Lisa is playing an integral role in shaping and implementing NettZero's business strategy and leading our business development with her unparalleled knowledge and passion for energy efficient building operations and management.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor: Office, Retail, Hotel
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Cert IV in Property Services (Operations & Real Estate)
  • Member of the Property Council of Australia ‐ Committee for Adelaide 2014‐2016
  • NABERS Energy, Water, Indoor Environment, Carbon Neutral Accredited Assessor
  • Green Star Accredited Professional
Marita Mewett
Director - ESG

Marita Mewett is a seasoned business leader with over 25 years of experience managing transformative projects for organisations both in Australia and abroad across all industries.

Marita's role as director of NettZero ESG combines her business savvy with a passion for sustainability and technology driven solutions. Her approach to ESG is a balanced blend of professional methodologies, cultural perspectives, and individual values that drive an organisation to its highest potential, all the while fostering sustainable outcomes for growing businesses.

Ridho Sinuraya
Senior Sustainability Engineer

Ridho Sinuraya is a Senior Sustainability Engineer at NettZero with eight years of experience as a building services consultant. He specializes in energy efficiency assessments for large and small scale buildings and has achieved numerous NABERS certifications.

Ridho has extensive experience in assessing energy performance in the built environment and devising innovative sustainability solutions. His expertise in energy sustainability, energy management, and building performance make him a well-rounded Mechanical Engineer. He is committed to reducing carbon emissions through low carbon technologies and is an invaluable asset to NettZero and our clients.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor: Office, Retail, Hotel
  • NABERS Energy, Water, Indoor Environment & Carbon Neutral Accredited Assessor
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Mechanical Engineer (HVAC)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
Michelle Tommosgard
Senior Sustainability Engineer and Indoor Environment Professional

Michelle has a long-standing interest in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). As part of her Masters of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Michelle conducted an extended IEQ research project.

Michelle currently puts her knowledge into practice at work, working closely with the NABERS team and playing a key role in formulating the current version of the NABERS Indoor Environment rules.

Michelle, along with the NettZero team and foundational client Stockland, developed a new approach for Green Star Performance (GSP) Indoor Environmental Quality evaluation in shopping centres. This enabled Stockland to boost their GSP score, whilst Michelle improved her understanding of how to get the most out of client GSP outcomes.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor: Office, Retail
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (HVAC)
  • Green Star Accredited Professional
  • NABERS Energy, Water, Indoor Environment, Carbon Neutral Accredited Assessor
  • Indoor Environment Quality Engineer
  • Member of Green Star Young Professionals
Atif Mansoor
Senior Sustainability Engineer and Climate Active Registered Consultant

Atif Mansoor is a Senior Sustainability Engineer and Climate Active Registered Consultant at NettZero. He is an experienced Electrical Engineer with expertise in carbon and energy analytics, green building design and NABERS Ratings.

Additionally, Atif is an active member of Green Star Young Professionals, enabling him to stay current in energy and sustainability standards. He is well-recognised for his expertise and contributes to the development and implementation of building-performance best practices.

Atif is passionate about promoting sustainability and proudly helps clients reduce their carbon footprint and achieve Carbon Neutrality.

  • Climate Active Registered Consultant
  • NABERS Accredited Assessor: Office, Retail, Hotel
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Green Star Accredited Professional
  • NABERS Energy, Water, Indoor Environment & Carbon Neutral Accredited Assessor
  • Member of Green Star Young Professionals
Zach Greening
Marketing & Sales Manager - NettZero Carbon & ESG

With a background in marketing and communications, Zach has delved into sustainable business management with particular interest in carbon trading and organisational emission reduction initiatives. Zach specialises in creating bespoke carbon solutions for Australian businesses, and is conversant with Australian & international carbon accounting standards and offset markets.

  • Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Writing
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Greenhouse Gas Accounting & NGERS Reporting
Jaafar Ahmed
Senior Sustainability Engineer

Jaafar is an experienced Sustainability Specialist in the sustainability engineering industry. He has strong analytical skills, expertise in operations management, and a background in team building.

With an Engineering Degree focused on Mechanical & Mechatronics from the University of Technology, Sydney, Jaafar has over 10 years of experience in sustainability and consultation. His work primarily revolves around improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints.

He has successfully conducted energy audits, implemented energy efficiency improvement initiatives, optimised buildings, developed NABERS improvement plans, managed building de-gasification projects, and conducted asset condition audits. He has an impressive record of delivering over 600 NABERS ratings throughout his career.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor for Office, Retail, RACRL, Warehouse & Cold Storage; Energy and Water
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Environmental & Carbon Neutral Accredited Assessor
Kenneth Borlongan
Sustainability Engineer and Indoor Environment Professional

Kenneth is a dedicated advocate for sustainability at NettZero with a strong background in chemical engineering and over ten years of experience as an Occupational Hygienist.

He contributes to creating healthier indoor environments, minimising environmental impacts, and promoting sustainable practices. Kenneth's role is crucial in safeguarding human health and preserving the environment, with his strong skillset in data analytics providing meaningful insights for customers monitoring their indoor environment.

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (Minor in Environmental Engineering)
  • NABERS Accredited Assessor Office (Indoor Environment)
Shashank Singh
Sustainability Engineer

With a passion for sustainability, Shashank has gained diverse work experience in implementing eco-friendly initiatives, conducting energy audits, and promoting energy & emission reduction strategies. Skilled in analysing environmental impact and driving sustainable practices, Shashank thrives when creating a greener and more sustainable future.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor for Office, Retail, Warehouse & Cold Storage, and aged care; Energy & Water, Indoor Environment
  • Postgraduate degree:- Master of Engineering Management
  • Postgraduate degree:- Master Of Engineering majoring in Energy Planning & Policy
  • Undergraduate degree:- Bachelor Of Engineering in Mechanical engineering
Liam Young
Sustainability Engineer

As a NABERS assessor, Liam has conducted in-depth energy and water sustainability projects for commercial buildings. He has assessed the environmental performance of multiple building types from offices to shopping centres and warehouses and has collaborated with clients to monitor building performance to identify potential performance improvements. Through NettZero, Liam's understanding around the HVAC arrangements and building management systems in place has advanced his knowledge on sustainable practices in the built environment sector.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor for Office, Retail, Warehouse & Cold Storage, and aged care; Energy and Water
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering & Commerce
Chris Korkise
Sustainability Project Co-Ordinator

Chris brings a wealth of skills to the NettZero team. With expertise in project management, quality assurance, and customer relations, Chris ensures seamless execution of sustainable initiatives for commercial properties.

Armed with a passion for the environment and a drive for innovation, Chris is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of the built environment. With his attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results, he plays a crucial role in maximizing sustainability efforts at NettZero.

  • NABERS Accredited Assessor for Offices
  • CBD Accredited Assessor
Julie Tam
General Manager Corporate Services

Julie brings over 40 years of experience in Office Management and a wealth of expertise to her role as General Manager Corporate Services with NettZero, joining the team in 2019.
Exceling in overseeing high-level operations, budgets, forecasting and financial management, Julie’s proficiency ensures the successful completion of projects and the effective administration of NettZero.

Additionally, she holds certification as a Commissioner of Declarations and serves as Director of the not-for-profit ‘Just Mossin’.

Tal Zilberman
Senior Sustainability Engineer and Life Cycle Assessor

With over a decade of experience assisting clients in achieving their sustainability aims, Tal is a dedicated professional who leans on a robust background characterised by delivering custom energy-saving solutions that best meet customer demands while addressing commercial and technical challenges. Through clear and upbeat communication, Tal drives a cooperative synergy with both internal and external stakeholders.

Tal’s responsibilities at NettZero, are multifaceted. They cover the performance of Life Cycle Assessments for clients' products and services, with a subsequent report on their environmental impacts as per the industry standards. Analysing the carbon footprint of an organisation is a key duty, along with delivering a carbon reduction plan aligning with the Australian Department of Climate Change. On the commercial front, Tal contributes to developing new business opportunities within the services and manufacturing sectors and provides consultative support to prospects and clients to assist in their sustainability journey.

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Masters in Renewable Energy and Carbon Studies
  • Life Cycle Assessment - GaBi and SimaPro proficient
  • NGERS reporting and benchmarking

Building solutions

NABERS Ratings

Identify areas of inefficiency, launch cost-saving initiatives, and get the most out of your rating.

Green Star Performance

Increase your organization's sustainability credentials with a Green Star – Performance certification.

Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Assessment

Ensure the provision of a healthy and safe environment for tenants with our indoor air quality and environment assessment service.

BEEC & CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments

Fulfil CBD policy compliance with a NettZero conducted BEEC (Building Energy Efficiency Certificate) including a CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessment.

NABERS Improvement

Audit your Energy & Water consumption and deploy targeted initiatives to improve your NABERS Rating.

Monthly NABERS Reporting

Avoid surprises with monthly NABERS reports and stay on top of performance between ratings.

Carbon solutions

Carbon Foot Print Assessment

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

The first stage of any emission reduction initiative is to measure your Greenhouse Gas inventory baseline, or Carbon Footprint. Our emission inventory analysis will improve your understanding of the businesses emission intense activities and facilities so they can be targeted for improvement.

Decarbonisation roadmap

Get your business ready for the low carbon economy.

Committing to Net Zero emissions is one thing, but achieving it is another. A decarbonisation roadmap shows stakeholders that your business has planned for the future and is able to transition to a low-carbon business model.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification

Certify as Carbon Neutral with Australia’s flagship carbon accounting program.

Climate Active is the only Carbon Neutral standard accepted by the Australian Government. Based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO carbon accounting standards, Climate Active can be used to certify organisations, buildings, events, and products as Carbon Neutral.

Science Based Targets

Join the global movement of businesses committed to preventing global warming exceeding 1.5◦ Celsius.

Science Based Targets align your emission reduction trajectory with the goal of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5◦ Celsius. This globally recognised program is overseen by a consortium that includes the World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resource Institute, and CDP Worldwide.

ESG services

Generate your baseline ESG Report

Gain a competitive edge with our fast & easy ESG reporting service.

Whether you are new to ESG reporting or annually charting progress, NettZero provides the data and tools to help you make better decisions about your ESG goals and to demonstrate the social value of your business.