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Climate Active: Australia’s standard for Carbon Neutrality

Become a climate leader and certify your business, buildings, events, and even products & services as Carbon Neutral.

  • Showcase your sustainability credentials with Australia’s only Government backed standard for Carbon Neutrality.
  • Measure, reduce, and offset your businesses emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Join the growing list of certified brands who are leading their industries towards a low-carbon economy.

Certification made simple.

NettZero offers end-to-end Climate Active services and can facilitate carbon neutral projects of any shape or size.

Our accredited consultants are committed to delivering accurate and timely carbon accounting services, and have access to global carbon credit markets ensuring we’re always able to find the right credits for our clients.

How it works


To become Climate Active carbon neutral, a business must collate and analyse 12 months of operational data to calculate the businesses’ carbon footprint. This represents the total emissions related to those 12 months of operations as tons of carbon dioxide.


Along with the carbon footprint documentation, organisations are required to submit an Emission Reduction Plan that outlines how the organisation intends to reduce its emissions in the near future.


Emissions that cannot be reduced to 0 or avoided entirely are then offset using carbon credit certificates to achieve net-zero emissions


All materials are submitted for validation by an independent third party, then finally forwarded to Climate Active for final certification.

Once approved, an organisation will enter into a licensing agreement with Climate Active enabling use of the Climate Active Organisation badge and logo. The emission inventory and selection of offset certificates will be shown in the organisation’s Public Disclosure Statement hosted on the Climate Active website.

This exercise is repeated annually, enabling organisations to retain the Carbon Neutral status in perpetuity.

Rapid Climate Action

Offset emissions and certify as Carbon Neutral in weeks, not years.

Future proof your business

Ensure your business is set up to work in the low-carbon economy.

Boost confidence with stakeholders

Display to customers and staff that your organisation is taking real action towards a sustainable future.

Your stakeholders care about carbon.
Show them you mean business.

Environmental Sustainability is a core pillar of any ESG framework. Capture emission data, set climate goals, and disclose progress using NettZero’s ESG reporting tool.