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Since our founding in 2008 NettZero has completed thousands of successful NABERS assessment. The unrivalled expertise of our highly skilled sustainability engineers will optimise your portfolio’s NABERS performance to its fullest potential.

Transform your business into a sustainable enterprise that actively contributes to the global fight against climate change. Take the first step towards a brighter future by enquiring about a NABERS rating with us today.

What is NABERS?

Sustainable buildings.
Good for the planet. Good for People.

Measure, improve, and communicate your building’s sustainability credentials.

NABERS (the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) benchmarks a building’s energy efficiency, carbon emissions, as well as water consumed and waste against similar buildings. It is measured on a 6-point scale in half-star increments, with a 6-star rating the highest (market leading performance) and 1-star being the lowest (poor performance).

What does NABERS measure?

Measure your buildings’ sustainability performance against like-for-like competitors

A NABERS rating indicates a sites performance in relation to similar buildings, and uses industry benchmarks formulated by NABERS in cooperation with the built environment sector.

Depending on the building type, a NABERS Rating can measure and compare a site’s sustainability performance for energy, water, waste management, and indoor air quality.

NettZero is accredited to perform the full suite of NABERS ratings for all property types.

Find out more about the full range of ratings on the NABERS website.

  • Base Building
  • Whole Building
  • Tenancy
  • Co-Assess


NABERS Energy measures the efficiency of an your buildings against real-world benchmarks.

Discover new ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency.


NABERS Water measures your buildings water consumption and water recycling.

Analyse and understand your opportunities and identify water saving initiatives.


Measure your buildings waste generation, recycling, and waste contractor management.

Identify what areas can be improved and specific ways to do so.

Indoor Environment

Test the quality of your building’s indoor air, lighting, temperature. thermal comfort and acoustic qualities.

Ensure occupants enjoy a healthy workplace environment.

Climate Active

If your building is rated 4 stars or more for NABERS Energy, take it one step further and offset emissions to certify as the building Carbon Neutral.

Your NABERS Profile

What types of premises are in your portfolio?

Office Buildings
Shopping Centres
Apartment Buildings
Data Centres
Residential Aged Care / Retirement Living
Warehouses / Cold Storage

Select your premise(s) to find out which NABERS ratings you qualify for.

Indoor Environment
Carbon Neutral

Do more with NettZero

Improvement Plans

Our NABERS improvement plans are based on Energy & Water Audits and provide you with a specific NABERS targeted initiatives to reduce energy & water consumption and improve your NABERS Rating.

NettZero are trusted environmental consultants, helping you achieve your efficiency goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Save on energy and water
  • Transparent job delivery tracker
  • Establish a targeted energy & water budget
  • Analyse & understand energy use with a level 2 audit

Monthly Monitoring

No nasty surprises.

NettZero provide monthly monitoring & regular NABERS reports. This service is optimal for buildings seeking to consolidate high ratings and detect unexpected performance issues before official assessment begins.

5 Star buildings run the risk of falling behind after the completion of a successful rating. Monthly monitoring ensures that all parties stay up to date with accurate data that tracks year round NABERS performance of the building.

Monthly ratings provide a succinct snapshot of the buildings NABERS specific performance separate from other monitoring services.

  • Monthly Consumption
  • Cumulative Consumption
  • Cumulative GHG Emissions
  • Rolling NABERS Tracking
  • Update Rated Area

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NABERS?
NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is an environmental sustainability rating program focusing on building energy and water efficiency.
What criteria are used in NABERS?
NABERS ratings are awarded based on a detailed set of criteria, including energy and water efficiency, indoor environment quality, waste management, innovation, and tenant satisfaction.
Is NABERS applicable for both existing and new buildings?
Yes, NABERS ratings are applicable for both existing and new buildings.
What type of buildings can be assessed with NABERS?
The NABERS program covers a wide range of building types, including offices, shopping centres, hotels & apartments, warehouse & cold storage facilities, data centres, and public hospitals.

Experts in sustainable buildings

Ridho Sinuraya
Senior Sustainability Engineer

We believe that NABERS ratings are an essential tool in driving sustainable practices within the built environment. Not only does NABERS provide a standardised and transparent benchmark for measuring the environmental performance of buildings, by encouraging the adoption of energy-efficient practices it also contributes to the broader sustainability goals and policies of communities and governments.