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Indoor Environment Assessment.

A healthier environment for everyone.

  • Address potential health risks such as particulate matter and mould
  • Ensure the tenants have comfortable lighting conditions, noise levels, and indoor temperatures year-round
  • Monitor Indoor Environmental controls such as lighting and HVAC

NettZero provides quick and cost-effective indoor air quality reports for office and retail premises, helping to ensure the provision of a healthy and safe environment for your tenants. We offer both NABERS Indoor Environment Ratings and independent Indoor Air Quality assessments.

What is an Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Assessment?

Indoor Air Quality

Assess ventilation effectiveness and pollutant levels; maintain air systems and establish building cleaning practices.

Thermal Services

Including temperature, mean radiant temperature, humidity and air speed.

Acoustic Comfort

Assess the building’s capacity to minimise external noise and noise levels within the tenanted space.


Assess the office designs ability to maximise daylight while minimising glare and reflectivity.

Office Layout

Assess the spatial arrangements of walls, partitions, furniture and equipment in relation to fixed elements like windows and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Why Get Assessed?


A healthier, more productive workplace

“Features of healthy offices, such as natural light, good ventilation and plants are proven to increase productivity by 8% and wellbeing by 13%.”


NABERS Indoor Environment ratings are recognised by both Australian and global reporting schemes including:

  • WELL International Building Standard
  • Green Building Council of Australia
  • Green Star Performance

Experts in sustainable buildings

Kenneth Borlongan
Sustainability Engineer and Indoor Environment Professional

Kenneth, with a strong background in chemical engineering and over ten years of experience as an Occupational Hygienist specializing in indoor air quality assessment, is now a dedicated advocate for sustainability at NettZero.

Through diligent data monitoring and analysis, he actively contributes to creating healthier indoor environments, minimizing environmental impacts, and promoting sustainable practices across industries. Kenneth recognizes his crucial role in safeguarding human health and preserving the environment.

He finds deep personal and professional fulfillment in actively making a positive impact on the world we call home.