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Future-proof your assets with Green Star Performance.

Green Star Performance(GSP) is an internationally recognised sustainability rating tool designed to assess the operational performance of existing buildings.

Green Star Performance logo (Green Building Council of Australia)

With years of experience in Green Star Performance assessments and an expansive client base, NettZero is well equipped to help realise your GSP potential and improve GRESB results, whether it’s for a single property or whole portfolio.

Green Star Performance provides a framework for projects to track and progressively improve their operational performance which is integral in the transition towards net zero. Initial certification acts as a benchmarking exercise and subsequent certifications facilitates the creation of clear goals and a process to improve over time.”

Green Building Council of Australia

How It Works

A Green Star certified rating is awarded to your property as third-party verification of your property’s sustainability. Once your building is certified you can promote your new credential within your networks with the Green Star certification trademark.


NettZero will register your building with the GBCA to formally commit to the certification process. Only registered properties can say they are targeting a Green Star rating.

Documentation submission

We will compile documentation needed to demonstrate that your building meets Green Star’s sustainability benchmarks. This documentation is then submitted to us for Green Star assessment.

Assessment and certification

Green Star submissions are reviewed by an independent panel of sustainable development experts, usually over two rounds of assessment.

Green Star certification

Once your project’s sustainability has been verified, a Green Star Performance certified rating is awarded.

Experts in sustainable buildings

Michelle Tommosgard
Senior Sustainability Engineer and Indoor Environment Professional

Green Star Performance provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the operational performance of buildings across various sustainability categories. It takes into account energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality, waste management, and other key aspects.

This holistic approach enables me to evaluate the overall sustainability performance of a building and identify specific areas for improvement. By following the Green Star Performance rating system, I can guide clients towards achieving higher levels of sustainability and continually monitor their progress.