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NettZero is a leading national provider of sustainable building services. With clients and consultants in all corners of Australia, no matter where your business is located, we’ve got you covered.

Building Assessment Services

Sustainability is more than a buzzword.

It’s a commitment to act responsibly now and in the future.

Our passion for protecting the environment, enhancing the value of property, and delivering on our clients’ expectations has established NettZero as the leading sustainability consultants in the industry.

When you enlist our building management services, you are also acting to:
  • Future-proof your property
    Ensure long-term financial and environmental sustainability
  • Enhance your reputation
    Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, reduce emissions, and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Improve tenant comfort
    Optimise tenant quality-of-life while complying with all relevant legislation.

The advice and services we provide are tailored to meet the sustainability objectives of each property.

NABERS Ratings

A comprehensive assessment of the operational performance of existing buildings or tenancies, including energy, water, waste, indoor environment quality, and carbon emissions.

NettZero offers the full suite of NABERS ratings, and offers improvement plans and monthly monitoring

Green Star Performance

Green Star Performance (GSP) is an internationally recognised sustainability rating tool designed to assess the operational performance of existing buildings.

With years of experience in Green Star Performance assessments and an expansive client base, NettZero is well equipped to help realise your GSP potential, whether it’s for a single property or whole portfolio.

Indoor Air Quality & Environmental Assessment

NettZero’s comprehensive air quality assessments detect hazards by analysing a range of physical, chemical, and biological parameters.

Ensure a healthy and safe environment for your tenants with NettZero’s fast, clear and cost-effective reports.

BEEC & CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments

Improving a building’s energy efficiency is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help mitigate climate change, and differentiate your property from like-for-like assets.

A NettZero conducted Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) will ensure your building or tenancy is compliant with the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program.

The NettZero Difference

Global leaders in built environment sustainability.

NettZero’s 17 years of sustainability experience has afforded us many opportunities to broaden the scope of the NABERS program and contribute to the development of new rating tools and international pilot programs. Our team has worked on both the Indonesian and United Kingdom NABERS pilot programs, and is undertaking the first NABERS Retail assessment in New Zealand. NettZero has also been involved in development of benchmark data sets for new premise types, most recently for retail tenancy’s, enabling an increasing number of businesses to benefit from the NABERS rating system.

If your business sits outside the existing scope of NABERS Ratings but is determined to track and measure energy, water, and waste emissions – contact the NABERS specialists at NettZero today.

Track & Set

Track your emissions and set your reduction targets.

Reduce & Monitor

Decarbonise your organisation and measure improvements.

Remove & Avoid

Identify low-carbon alternatives to current practices.

Report & Inspire

Report on improvements and lead your industry towards decarbonisation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do office buildings need a BEEC/NABERS rating?

Australian Government legislation requires a NABERS Energy Rating and BEEC Certificate for the sale or leasing of any office spaces over the threshold of 1,000m2.

Additionally, many commercial office buildings chose to voluntary undertake NABERS Energy and Water Ratings on an annual basis to reflect their sustainability goals and to improve the operational processes at their sites.

What are the benchmarks used for NABERS office ratings?
The benchmarks used for NABERS office ratings include greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and water consumption targets set by the government, which are used to compare the performance of a building against similar buildings in the same region.
I have a newly built tenancy/building and need a BEEC, can this be done?
For a new site or tenancy, there must be a minimum of 12 months of historical utility billing available and the rated premises must be operating as per “normal office use”. As such, having full HVAC services available, Lighting and Power and full accessibility to tenants is also required.

Additionally, a new building, or site that has undergone a major refurbishment, and that has only recently been issued with its “Certificate of Occupancy”, is exempt from needing a BEEC for 2 years from the date of the COO or until it is 75% Occupied with office tenants (whichever occurs the first).

We are doing some upgrades and changing all lights in the building to LEDs, will this improve my NABERS rating?
If the lighting upgrades were undertaken within the Base Building or Common Areas, the NABERS Base Building rating will reflect an improvement within the next 12-month Rating Period . If lighting upgrades were only undertaken within the tenancy areas, this would only benefit the NABERS Tenancy Rating.
We have recently done upgrades on the chillers and plant equipment for a Base Building, will this improve my NABERS Base building rating this year?
Absolutely, it should improve the NABERS overall results as any upgrade’s completed for base building services will be beneficial to the overall property.
We are planning to install solar on the rooftop, can you tell us how this will affect our NABERS ratings?
Installation of any renewable energy source will benefit the NABERS Energy Rating. NABERS Ratings take into account how much solar energy is generated via the PV System. If this is monitored and metered correctly it will be shown on the NABERS Certificates and showcases the sustainable efforts and goals of any building owner.
What is the new Renewable Energy Indicator tool NABERS has introduced?
The REI provides a clear and informative summary of the proportion of the buildings renewable energy that comes from energy generated onsite via means such as solar, or renewable energy purchased through a utility provider.
How can we keep track of our NABERS Ratings being currently undertaken when using NettZero service?
NettZero has recently launched a client portal to reveal all the rating progress and previous rating information, aiming to assist our clients.
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How does the NABERS rating benefit the building owners?
The ratings enhance building marketability, attracts tenants who value sustainability and potentially lead to cost savings through improved energy efficiency. A NABERS Rating also provides a benchmark to focus on improved monitoring and measuring of building performance, with the optimum goal for enhanced operational processes and cost saving incentives.

The NABERS Rating compares like-for-like buildings and so is an excellent tool to understand your building versus other similar buildings.

Experts in sustainable buildings

Lisa Williams
Director - Nettzero Buildings

As an advocate for sustainable development, I am passionate about buildings that not only benefit the present generation but also leave a positive legacy for future generations.

Buildings can be major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, and resource depletion. By implementing green building practices and rating standards, we can significantly reduce these negative impacts, mitigate climate change, and conserve precious natural resources.

By prioritising environmental friendliness in commercial properties, we can secure the value of both the built assets and our environment.

Stay on top of your property portfolio using NettZero’s Client Portal.

Forget the spreadsheets. NettZero’s Client Portal means instant access to real-time NABERS data.

  • Quick access to your portfolio’s data
  • Streamline NABERS reporting
  • Discover useful sustainability insights
  • Export your data with a single click
  • Compare your properties with national benchmarks
  • See a state-by-state breakdown of your portfolio’s ratings